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Do you want to invest into your worship ministry? Do you wish you had access to experienced worship leaders that you could ask questions and learn from? Why not join our worship mentoring program where you can learn from some amazing worshippers and journey with those who share the same heart. 

We have found that so many worshippers feel alone on their journey and they often wish they had someone they could learn from, run with, ask questions of, and connect with. We have a heart to serve worship leaders, worship pastors, and worship team members by creating a place that this connection and these discussions can take place... Welcome to our Worship Mentoring program. 

What is it?

Our Worship Mentoring program is a 6 weeks long and is for those who have a heart for worship ministry in any way, shape, or form. Our heart is to invest into the worship leaders and creatives who are passionate about their gifting and who desire to lead others into an encounter with Jesus. We want to share the tools and insights we have with those who have a heart to learn, serve, and run!

How does it work?

Over the course of the six weeks you have have a 1 hour video session, weekly lessons and homework, and the opportunity to ask questions and connect with other worshippers. The weekly mentoring sessions are held online and are easy to jump in on from anywhere that has an internet connection. The sessions are limited to a small group (between 5 and 12) of likeminded people who are on a similar journey and share a common passion - worship. These small group sessions allow time for teaching, conversation, questions, and connection that will last long beyond the six week program.  


Weekly video calls

One hour sessions with your mentors and other students doing the program. These sessions will include teaching, conversation, and some time for Q&A.

World class teaching

We will cover 6 different key topics that we feel will help you take your worship ministry to a deeper level. Plus answer your specific questions.


Connect with other like-minded people and have great discussion between yourself, the others doing the program and the mentors.


Our assignments will help you grow and ensure that you gain the most out of this programme.

Video Library

Free access to our video library which is full of answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

Guest mentors

We will have some of our amazing friends join us in the sessions. Our friends are some of the most phenomenal trainers and worship leaders we know! 

Topics Covered Include

As a part of the mentoring program you will learn a number of tools that directly relate to your gifting and skill set, your leadership, and your personal life. We will also take an indepth look at several key topics outlined below. 

  • Vision

Crafting and casting vision is a skill that many worship leaders are unfamiliar with. In this mentoring program you will learn how to shape, develop, and communicate the vision for your personal worship life and for your worship ministry life. 

  • Effective Communication

Connection is a need at the core of every heart. Communication is the skill that allows connection to take place. Connection and communication between worship team leadership, senior leadership, and fellow team members is one of the most common areas of conflict in churches today. You will learn how to invest and grow these essential areas in your personal life and in your leadership. 

  • Feedback

Are you frustrated at the lack of growth in your team? Do you want to see them growing in skill and spiritual awareness? A culture of feedback is what you need. Creating a culture of feedback is central to the health and growth of your team. You will learn how you can implement feedback into your team culture to create an environment of continued growth and development.

  • Your Calling

Is the worship ministry something you are doing because you can OR is it something you are called to? Knowing the answer to this question is incredibly important. Join us on the mentoring program and discover your calling in a new way.

  • Culture

You will learn how to create a culture that rewards risk, encourages bravery, isn't afraid of failure or mess, and revolves around attitude rather than behaviour.

  • Values

Establishing core values in your personal life and team are what will hold you together through the tough times and the good times. Values are essential for navigating conflict and success alike. You will learn how to create and craft healthy core values that will shape your life and ministry for years to come. 

Your Mentors

Josh & Amberley Klinkenberg

Josh & Amberley are the co-founders and directors of InFlame Ministries.

Together they have been leading worship, teaching, and training for over a decade and are passionate about working with leaders and creatives to set cultures, change atmospheres, and see healthy teams, who can reach their full potential, raised up.

Josh and Amberley are Jesus Culture Music artists and have released both an EP and a full length worship album. 

The Klinkenberg's are also Global Sounds of the Nations directors where they work with many different nations around the world to see the song of the Lord released through indigenous songs, sounds, and art forms. 

They regularly see miracles happen as they lead worship and have travelled the globe leading worship, teaching, and training creatives in many different cultures and countries. 

Now living in Tauranga with their four children, they enjoy seeing the Kingdom of Heaven come and influence all spheres of society. Josh & Amberley share a deep passion to see this world take on the likeness of Heaven.

Together they are passionate about raising up people who step into the fullness of their identity and set themselves to pursue Christ and His kingdom above all else.

Josh & Amberley Klinkenberg – InFlame Worship Leading Mentors

Flexible Payments

Choose to pay upfront or split your payments over the length of the course


We are planning our next course to run in early 2018. If you might be interested then enter your details and we will get in touch.