Thank You for Supporting Us! 

Thanks so much for your support, it is such a blessing to us that you would partner with us in this way! Below we have the instructions outlined on how to receive your "Thank-You-Gifts." It's really quick and easy for you to redeem these and we cant wait to get them to you, all you need to do is follow the steps below! 

Support 1 Thank-You-Gifts:
We have all your free album downloads waiting for you over at InFlame Academy. 

Step 1: Sign up free at www.inflameacademy.com
(If you are already signed up to InFlame Academy you can skip step one)

Step 2: Once signed up, email us here: support@inflameministries.com and paste in the message below:

Subject: Support 1

"Hi guys,
I am now a "Support 1" member and am ready to receive my music!

Once we receive your email we will load the "Supporters Music Downloads" against your InFlame Academy account. That way all you need to do is login, click on the "Supporters Music Downloads" course which you will see on your dashboard, and download your albums! As a supporter, every time we add new music to our catalogue you will get it added to your InFlame Academy account and will receive an email from us notifying you of your new download.