The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing


The Art of Healing is the self-told story of a life journey into the miraculous. Josh Klinkenberg shares the keys of the Kingdom and insights he has gained through walking a road few have had the opportunity to travel. Josh shares profound revelation that will activate you into a life of healing and the miraculous. He also addresses many of the commonly held “hard questions” in regards to healing, such as: 

• “What about Job?” 
• “What about God’s sovereignty?” 
• “Is it God’s will for everyone to be healed?” 
• “Can everyone heal the sick?”

Allow your faith to be stretch, your theology to be challenged, and your comfort zones to be completely demolished as you jump into this age-old adventure that has been waiting for you since the beginning of time—the Kingdom life!

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This book is a challenge to us all to walk in the destiny Jesus paid for.
— Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture Music
I urge you to embark on reading this book with an open heart, hungry and expectant to lean how to join Jesus in practicing the art of healing.
— Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture Director
These pages are thick with a solid theology of healing hammered out on the anvil of real life experiences, but with a beauty of faith and vulnerability that is truly art.
— Dan McCollam, Sounds of the Nations Director