Miracles in Aotearoa New Zealand

Miracles in Aotearoa New Zealand


Miracles in Aotearoa NZ holds within in over 600 pages of first hand testimonies of healings that took place through the life and ministry of R. Weston Carryer as he proclaimed the name of Jesus Christ throughout New Zealand.

Read firsthand testimonies of Jesus’ healing power over cancer, infertility, terminal illnesses, birth defects, blindness, mental illness and many other conditions. Weston Carryer is one of New Zealands most notable healing evangelists. His life and story show the incredible love and willingness God has for His people. We know this book will encourage and stir you into a faith to see the same miracles happen through your life!

Fill your life with the testimony of Jesus and see His power released in greater measure in you, on you, and all around you. Read first hand testimonies of Jesus' healing power over:

  • Cancer
  • Infertility
  • Terminal Illnesses
  • All kinds of diseases
  • Birth Defects
  • And many other conditions

Chapter Overview

Chapter 1 - Hips, Legs, Knees & Feet
Chapter 2 - Head, Face, ENT & Neck
Chapter 3 - Backs & Spine
Chapter 4 - Cancer
Chapter 5 - Shoulders, Arms, Elbows & Hands
Chapter 6 - Abdominal & Internal Organs
Chapter 7 - Heart, Chest & Respiratory
Chapter 8 - Diseases, Disorders & Syndromes
Chapter 9 - Overhauls & Unusual Conditions
Chapter 10 - Skin
Chapter 11 - Deliverance, Inner Healing & Other
Chapter 12 - Infertility & Children Healed

Also Includes "Keeping Your Healing" a booklet written by Weston Carryer. 

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