Want to improve your songwriting?

Do you dream of writing great songs but don’t know where to start?
Do you have unfinished songs that you need help with?


Do you want to write songs for others to sing? Have you ever wanted to sit down with a proven songwriting specialist to hear their thoughts on your songs?

This is exactly why we have created the Online Songwriters Mentoring Program. In this five week program you will receive powerful tools that songwriting specialists all over the globe are now using. Our proven songwriting techniques have been used by award winning songwriters, worship leaders, and churches all over the world to write songs that capture the heart beat of God for their specific church, city, region, and nation.

In this ground breaking program you will receive personal feedback from our songwriting specialists on your songs and weekly assignments. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions from experienced and anointed songwriting professionals and be encouraged as you connect with other like-minded songwriters who share the same heart and passion as you do. 

In this 5 week course you will Get:


world class teaching

Powerful video lessons that teach you the foundational principals and techniques required for writing great songs

Practical Songwriting assignments

Each week you will have practical activations and assignments that will enable you to write great songs

Weekly Mentorship

You will receive valuable feedback from our songwriting mentors over video calls. Your mentors are experienced worship song writers with a wealth of understanding


You will be a part of a small group on a similar journey giving you the opportunity to connect with your fellow songwriters and members of the InFlame Team

LifeTime Access

You will have lifetime access to the course material, including videos, notes, PDF's and ebooks so you can review your any part of the course at anytime

recording discount

As a student of our Songwriters Mentoring Program you will receive 20% discount off one song, when you record at InFlame Studios


Topics Covered



Hooks are the heart of any good song. Learning how to write a strong hook is essential. In this program you will get valuable teaching, assignments and live feedback that will enable you to write strong, powerful song hooks. 

Song Sections

Knowing the function of different song sections helps you form your song with flow and continuance. You will learn the function and purpose of each section of your song enabling you to write songs that have substance and depth throughout every section 


Repetition is a great songwriting tool that makes your song incredibly memorable and catchy. We will show you the 5 main forms of repetition that songwriters use to write great songs. 


Lists are a powerful way of building strong songs. There are three main types of lists that we can use as songwriters and you have the opportunity to look at all three in-depth on this program. 


The use of imagery is a powerful way of communicating the message of your song. Learn how to employ this beautifully powerful tool in your songs with fun and easy activations



Having a catchy yet simple melody is incredibly important. Knowing how to do this can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. We will give you the tools you need to write memorable melodies every time you write a song

Copywriting & Publishing

Knowing what to do with your finished song is something that many songwriters have no idea about. We are passionate about stewarding the songs we write with faithfulness and integrity. You will learn valuable insights that have come from years of experience, lots of mistakes, and proven success


Creating charts can often feel overwhelming and gets put in the "to hard basket" for many songwriters. We will show you how to write chord charts to your songs in an easy, uncomplicated way so your teams and others can play your songs.

Target Audience

Knowing whether you want to write for radio, personal use, or corperate environments is an important part of the writing process. You will receive tips, tools, and keys that will set your song up for success in any target market


Frequently asked questions

When does this start and how long does it run for?

We will be starting March 6th 2019 and will run for 5 weeks.

How many spaces are available?

There are only 25 spaces available for each intake. We have kept the numbers low on purpose so we can give each student quality time.

What is involved and how much time should I put aside?

Each week consists of one 5-10 minute video lesson, an assignment, and a 1 hour group video call. We'd reccomend that you put aside 1-2 hours per week to complete each assignment.

I have more questions

If you have any more questions or need clarification on anything, then you can send us an email to info@inflameministries.com

Flexible Payments

Choose to pay upfront or split your payments over the length of the course