We have revolutionised the recording process and have made world class recording accessible and affordable.

Recording a song at a professional standard is usually an incredibly expensive process. Studio hire, musicians, tracking, an engineer, producer, editing, mixing, and mastering are add up fast! It's not uncommon for an album to cost between $20,000 and $40,000!!! And that's a cheap price… At InFlame studios we realise that this just isn't realistic for many songwriters and we don't want money to be the thing that stops you from getting your song recorded and released at a world class, professional standard. We have revolutionised the way an artist can record their songs and because of this our pricing is incredibly low in comparison, and the best part is - it includes EVERYTHING! Everything from pre-production and pro-muso's through to editing, mixing, and mastering. We will even help with the songwriting of your song and will have our professional producers add their expertise to your project too! Check out our incredibly low pricing below.