Why I Choose to Believe the World is Awesome!

Some people wonder why I have such a positive outlook on the world. Some think I’m just naive. Some think I’m just living in a bubble. Still others actually get quite angry at me and believe I’m just choosing to be ignorant. 

Yep it’s true, I believe the world is absolutely awesome. I believe that every person on the planet is a world of wonder waiting to be discovered. I believe that every culture, every language, every connection, and every individual has incredible value and beauty within it. 

I can already hear the pessimists among us saying, “yea but what about…” Don’t worry, I am well aware of the atrocities that happen around the world every day. Yes, I am well aware of the hurting, hungry, and the poor. I am well aware of the severity of the pain that exists in the world today. And I am doing all I can to play my part in making a difference in all these areas. 

Now that we have cleared that up, let me tell you why I choose to believe the world is awesome anyways. It’s pretty simple really… I like to ask one simple question of the beliefs that I hold to, and that is this;

“What would it look like if everyone on earth believed this today?”

This one simple question has help me get rid of some really silly and damaging ways of thinking and acting. This question helps highlight the outcome of the beliefs I choose to live by. 

This is important to understand because our beliefs guide our actions and our actions affect and shape our world.  

So back to the reason I choose to believe the world is awesome… Well, imagine if everyone on earth made a choice to believe that the world is awesome! Imagine how differently we would treat each other!

The reality is, we don’t treat things as they are - we treat things as we believe them to be. So if we believe the world, and the people in it, are evil, nasty, and horrible, we’ll treat them that way… It might not be blatant, but it will filter through our thoughts, our plans, our tone, our countenance - all of which have a massive affect on the way the world around us responds to our presence. 

So I choose to believe the world is amazing. Not because it already is, but because I know it can be. I believe every person on the planet - even the worst of us - contains beauty that’s worth believing in. Hurt and pain do a great job at covering beauty up at times, creating the illusion that it’s not there… But, although incredibly convincing at times, it’s only an illusion.

It’s sad to see people living with a greater awareness of the damage that hurt and pain has caused rather than an awareness of the beauty that each day and every person holds. 

Choosing to believe that the world is awesome is not being ignorant of the brokenness - it’s simply choosing to stay more aware of the reasons that make it worth fixing.

I hope that you will join me in choosing to see the awesomeness that is within every moment, every day, every person, every conversation, every sunrise, and every rain drop. We truly do live in a beautiful world - if we allow ourselves the pleasure of seeing it. 

By Josh Klinkenberg