Worship whoopsies

As a worship leader, I'm always trying my best to lead people into encounters with God during our worship times. There are some moments though when despite my best efforts, it can all go pear-shaped.

Classic examples are forgetting words, or my favourite, forgetting to take your capo off and playing in a completely different key to everyone else! I've learned over the years to embrace those moments and just go with the flow. In fact, they can often break the ice and cause people to relax and engage with God in a greater way. People value authenticity, and I believe embracing mistakes and accepting them, not hiding them, can help people connect to their worship leader and be more willing to follow them.

We serve an awesome dog!
— Phil Houghton

My all time personal favourite worship whoopsie happened a few years ago. I was near the end of a worship set and felt to declare that "We serve an awesome God". Somewhere between my brain and my tongue that message morphed and came out as "We serve an awesome dog". Needless to say, we finished the set quite soon after...

Have you been the culprit of a worship whoopsie yourself? Or do you remember being part of a worship time when the worship leader did something hilarious? Share your memories in the comments below. (If it's not about yourself, then please keep the person anonymous as they may not want us to laugh at their expense!)