What a toddler taught me

The last 2 weeks have been a blast. I had the honour and privilege of launching our new album at InFlame Worship Schools in the North and South Islands. There were amazing worship times, musicians, teaching, connections, and friends. It was a memorable two weeks, but there is one thing that left a lasting impression on me, and it happened before I had even arrived...

As we sat on the runway of Nelson airport about to take off, I looked a few rows ahead to a little girl who couldn't have been more than 3 years old. I picked up from what her dad was saying that it was her first flight. Having a little girl myself I could relate to what the dad was probably feeling as he tried to talk up how awesome flying was, while at the same time hoping he wasn't soon to be one of 'Those parents' who had the screaming girl on a plane.

I sat back and watched as the engines fired up and down the runway we went. Like all plane flights, there is always a mixture of passengers, from the frequent flyers who don't look up from their magazine, to the nervous flyers who shut their eyes and try to stay calm.

The plane got up to speed closely followed by a huge grin on this little girls face. "Faster! Faster! FASTER! she yelled out" To the relief of her dad, she was having the time of her life. In fact, she wanted more!! "Faster!!" she continued to chant. I laughed to myself and thought about how much I enjoyed my first few plane flights and what an experience it was.

As I hurtled through the air at ridiculous speeds strapped to a big chunk of metal I felt God say to me "Don't ever take things for granted". I knew He wasn't talking about plane rides. He was talking to me about worship leading.

The new songs I was about to lead people with have been heard by my ears 100's of times before anyone else has heard them. I've been leading worship for 13 years and playing guitar for longer still. I knew that when I stood on the stage and looked out over the crowds of people, hungry to connect with God, that I had taken this journey 1000's of times before. This would be a ride that I was very familiar with.

I think no matter what side of the microphone you are standing on, there is something we could all learn from this little girl.

For me , it was a reminder for me to stay childlike . To enjoy and be thankful for the little things. To take everything in. To be myself. To laugh and not take myself too seriously. To take nothing for granted. To be the one always yelling "Faster!, faster, faster!"