Victorious Living in the Valley: 5 Tips on staying healthy in the midst of long term pain, sickness, or suffering.

One of the things we find ourselves chatting to people a lot about these days is how to live in a way where we genuinely believe God is good and is Healer while living with situations in our daily life that constantly question this reality.

Our son was born seven years ago with something called CHARGE Syndrome, which means he has had more operations than we can count and has a list of conditions in his body that is to long to remember... Over the course of the last seven years we have discovered there are certain things that we can do in order to cultivate a healthy spiritual atmosphere in the face of daily frustration and questions. These things prevent us from falling into that all to familiar trap of using "Gods will" as the scapegoat for tragedy and suffering. So I thought I'd share a few of those things here which, for those of you who are in a similar situation where you are faced with daily struggles and challenges in your health or the health of a family member, these may be of help to you. For those who are not in this place, these things will help you serve those around you who are.

Firstly its worth mentioning that there is nothing you can do to earn your healing. These tips/keys are not about earning healing, these are about living in the victorious life Christ has given us even in the midst of situations that challenge this reality. Devine health is freely given to you in Christ as is every spiritual blessing in heavenly places!


Tip 1:

Remind yourself that healing is not something God just does... It is who He is. He is Healer. Faithfulness is accepting Him for who He says He is even when everything around you is saying otherwise. Acknowledging Him as Healer prevents us from giving in to the temptation to create theology based on our experience of sickness rather than on His word. This kind of experiential theology is toxic and crippling to your faith. God has absolutely no need for these conditions - Yes He can use them, and He will, but He doesn't need need it. He's big enough to teach you everything you need to know without the use of the enemies tools. So be careful not to believe the lie that "God needs this for such and such reason." When we do this it is often because we are trying to give sickness and suffering a value that He never gave it.


Tip 2:

Share the load. Invite people in on your journey and let them carry the load with you. Scripture tells us that where one can put a thousand to flight, two can put 10,000 to flight (Deut 32). You were not designed to carry this at all, let alone on your own. You need others to fight this with you and at times, for you. You need those around you who can hold your arms up for you when your strength is fading (Ex 17).


Tip 3:

Only ever contend from victory, never for it. Don't waste your time contending for victory, this is called striving and is rooted in doubt. Doubt doesn't move mountains, it creates them. Only ever contend from victory. Pray from a place of sonship and victory, knowing that this has already been defeated in Christ 2000 years ago! When your struggling to stand in victory, let those who are journeying with you carry the load and just rest in His goodness. If you feel doubt in your heart, be real about it before the Lord - He sees it anyway and is not scared of it or angry about it. He actually wants you to invite Him into that place and He wants to journey with you seeing that place of doubt become a wellspring of faith and life. What ever you do, don't ignore it or try to "spiritualising" it calling it prayer, when it's actually just verbalised fear.


Tip 4:

Partner with others in their victory. I have found that when it comes to praying for my son I have a hard time not getting frustrated and remaining in a place of faith. But when I pray for others I have incredible faith and I see Jesus do awesome things. As I was praying about this one day the Lord clearly showed me that I can go after breakthrough in my son by serving breakthrough in others. So a very fun and practical way you can steward breakthrough in your life is by releasing healing over others. Sometimes we can get caught in the "battle mindset" where we stay fixed on fighting the things that show the most resistance to us... This is a discouraging and tiring way to live. In the Kingdom we have permission to go where the breakthrough is. In other words, continue in the areas that you are seeing results, knowing that they are all part of the bigger picture of inheriting the fullness of the promised land in our lives. I had a seemingly small victory over hay fever years ago. I stewarded that victory by praying for anyone I could who had hay fever. From following that breakthrough we have seen all kinds of victory in people's lives. I have a miracle book filled with testimonies of Jesus' healing goodness over every kind of sickness and disease, even death, all from continuing to follow the breakthrough.

For me, part of learning not to strive was trusting the Lord with my sons breakthrough as I began to serve others into theirs.


Tip 5:

Never permit that condition/situation to stay. As I talked about in Tip 1, we need to be careful not to give sickness and suffering ungodly value. In doing so we can actually give permission to something that God never permitted. My view is, if this thing is gonna stay I'm gonna make it hell for it. I'm gonna torment it with life and health and wholeness. I'm going to afflict sickness with the presence of God to the point where it just can't stand it anymore. I'm going to expose this condition that has been robbing my son to healing and to miracles. If it stays a moment longer it is not going to be because I permitted it too and it sure is not going to hang around because it's a comfortable environment for sickness to stay. We need more believers who are willing to make sickness sick with fear. The enemy has gotten off way to light for afflicting people, it's time we increase the Kingdom tax on the kingdom of darkness.


Final thoughts:

Those with long-term disabilities and health problems - please don't give up! Please share your journey with us and allow us to stand with you in this. Your victory is SOOOO important to the body of Christ. I'm sorry for all the dumb things people have said to you (I know we all have our list which at times makes us laugh and at other times really hurts.) I want to encourage you, please don't let the zealous few who say the wrong thing at the worst time rob you of the breakthrough that we all need! I know your probably tired, frustrated, and just plain over it. But keep going and keep trusting. Something that we are now very intentional about is protecting the atmosphere around us. We fill it with people who are filled with faith and who are able to believe with us, laugh with us, and cry with us.

Those who are living in full health - please be loving and understanding to those who are in the position I have been talking about. One of the worst things you can do is try to teach them or tell them how to be. Remember you don't have to convince them of anything other than the fact that they are loved. If they don't believe in healing, that's fine. Even if they believe God gave them what they have, don't argue with them about that. Just do everything you can to show them that they are wildly and extravagantly loved. That's all you need to do.

I hope this is a help to you.

Bless ya!


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