God - The Ultimate Songwriter

Weaknesses are funny things. They are often very small and we learn to live in a way where our strengths compensate for, and sometimes even cover, them. I'm not talking about weaknesses in morality or righteousness, I'm talking about our inner thoughts and attitudes, the condition of our heart and head in every conversation and situation. Even though, in the bigger picture of our life as a whole, our weaknesses are often small, there are times when it feels like they are blind bull on steroids in a grossly undersized china shop... No matter what you do there are times when your weaknesses in attitude, thought, personality, and communication seem to be hammering you from all sides. 

It reminds me of a scene I saw in a TV show one time where a guy is standing on his lawn and he is surrounded by rakes. When he takes a step in any direction he stands on the end of a rake and the pole shoots up and whacks him clean between the eyes. Most of us have had those times in life where it feels like this - no matter what we do, these attitudes, thoughts, personality traits and other weaknesses that we thought we had mastered suddenly seem to be slapping us round like a pin ball machine. 

When I'm going through times like these I am encouraged by the fact that our life is a song... And an incomplete one at that! Why is this encouraging you ask?

When we consider the songwriting process we get a little glimpse of what is going on. 

I love writing songs. It is something I have intentionally practiced, learnt, and invested into over the last 12 or so years. What we need to understand is that the songs of beauty and greatness that we love are not "born" that way. The songwriting process is one of blood, sweat, and tears. It's a process of incredible tension where we put each lyric and every line under intense pressure to see which part holds ups. But the funny thing is, when I am in this process with a song, I am not looking for the elements that hold up, I am looking for that elements that don't. In other words, I'm not looking for the strengths, I am looking for the weaknesses.

It might be a line in the verse or chorus, or it could be the melody of a particular section. It might be a single word. Whatever it is, this process causes these weaknesses to surface... And the fact is, the goal is for the weaknesses to surface. There is a fight too? Is this song true to itself? Does it fulfil its purpose? Is it singing what it is saying? I love finding these weak spots because I know that when I change this one small piece of the song, the whole work is transformed. The whole song is strengthened and it begins to shine in a new way. It begins to sing what it is saying! In other words, it's not just talking the talk, it's also walking the walk! 

Most songs that we know and love have been through 10, 15, 20 re-writes. Most songs I write, I have re-written well over 10 times each. This is how good songs are written. As John Wimber said;

"great songs aren't written... They are re-written, and re-written, and re-written."

Our lives are put into this same process at times. Our Father, loves to identify the weak spots. Why? Because when they are identified and can begin to re-write them. When I find a weak spot in one of my songs, from that point on its all I can hear. I work on it and work on it until it finally comes to rest at a place where it's as strong as the rest of the song. Sometimes in life it feels like all we can see is the weaknesses that keep hitting us between the eyes at every turn we make. In these times it seems like no matter what we do, the ugly attitudes and heart conditions pop up out of no where! 

Be encouraged, the Father is re-writing a section of your life song. He is writing a song in you and like any good song it must be written, and re-written, and re-written... He's bringing strength and beauty to a piece of the song that is you. He's putting pressure on the song and causing it to sing what it is saying - to walk the walk and deliver on what it promises. In other words, He's causing the desires of your heart to become your reality. He's forming in you the melody that will change the world around you. Every one of us is a song that was written in Heaven and is now being performed here on earth.

God is the ultimate songwriter and He LOVES seeing this song (you) that He has been singing within Himself come to life!

So when your feeling hit on all sides and you feel like your weaknesses are under a microscope, just sit back, relax and say, "Father I know your writing a masterpiece in me. Help me to trust you in this writing process AND please don't let me cut this song short of its full potential. Let Heavens melody be fully formed within me."

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