Facepalm Moments; The "Things" People Say

I don't think of ourselves as famous in any way, shape, or form. We have good friends who I consider "famous" and that is something that I know we are not. But the reality of what we do means that we spend a lot of our time in front of people. Whether we are worship leading, speaking, teaching, or leading our team, we we are in front of people. I love what I get to do and count it as a great privilege. But like everything, it comes with its fair share of challenges. One of them being, the things that people say.

We meet soooo many amazing people because of what we get to do. We now have friends around the world in many different countries, from many different cultures, from all different backgrounds and different ways of life! It's one of the main joy's of what we do.

With that said, I have learnt very quickly that one of the most necessary attributes we need in what we do is the ability to laugh. Being able to laugh at myself and at what others say, has been a life saving skill that I have had to learn over the last number of years.

I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason certain people seem to feel like the sky will cave in and the world will end if they don't let you know what they think is wrong with you. It's as if they feel they will explode if they don't just get it out!

I've had the weirdest things said to me which have the potential to really hurt and even rob me of what I am destined to do, if I wasn't able to laugh about them.

Now-a-days I enjoy a good laugh. Life's to short not to laugh about the things that are probably meant to hurt. I love trading stories with our closest friends about the crazy things people have felt the need to share with us. Don't get me wrong, I wont laugh at people but I will laugh at the things we all say. These things include;

After speaking at a church - "Your hair cracks me up"

After listening to a recorded song of ours - "What did they do to your voice?"

After worship leading - "You look like a zombie up there"

After singing - "You sound weird"

After playing guitar - "I can tell your a drummer from the way you play guitar"

Trust me the list could go on... and on... and on...

After playing a set of my own songs I've had people ask "are those your songs?" When I let them know that they are they simply say "huh..." And walk away without saying anything! Haha. It's hilarious but its also sad at the same time. Hilarious because I find awkward moments incredibly funny! And yet sad that some people can be so unaware of how their words and actions could make someone else feel. It makes me sad to think they could go through life wondering why they struggle to get close to people and why those around them don't feel safe to try new things and explore new talents.

For years I struggled with being confident, especially when it came to things like the way I look, the way I sing, my musical abilities, or my skill level on different instruments - amount another things. So comments like the ones above would really affect me. What I have learnt is that as long as there are people, there will be stupidity... haha it sounds rough I know, but its true. Where there are people there will be beauty, love, fun, and kindness but there will also be the silly, hurtful, stupid, weird things said or done. And although we can't control other people and the way they choose to speak or act, we can change ourselves. Laughter is one of the most powerful tools in my belt these days.

So if your a singer, speaker, worship team member or you find yourself on a stage in front of people, my advice to you is this; learn to laugh. Learn to laugh at yourself - trust me, life is better this way! Learn to laugh at the things that you do and say but also at the things that others do and say. Learn to laugh at the things that are hurtful and should never have been said. Learn to laugh at the lack of "class" shown by some. And finally, find some friends who you can share your stories with - it's always better when you can share the laughs with others!

Have you had any crazy things said to you? Share the laughs and let me know in the comments below.