2017 - Time to Change the World!

Changing the world, it's no small topic. It seems like a massive ask and to many it simply sounds like typical millennial language; a dream that sounds nice but is totally unpractical.

One of my life goals is to leave the world a better place than what I found it, so I spend a fair bit of time thinking about the "how-to's" of changing the world. For example, I want to know practical and real answers to questions like: How do I change the world? What does that look like? Is it something everyone can do? Is this something everyone should do?

One of the greatest privileges I have in this life is raising my kids. As they get older, the responsibility seems to increase. And as that increases it seems like the privilege increases with it.

I know as a parent I am responsible for the mindsets that my kids take on. Each mind is like a mini operating system; a culture of its own. We as parents get the task of loading foundational programs (ways of thinking) into that operating system, we get to shape the culture of their mind as young children.

Because of this we decided to raise our kids with the awareness that they are world changers. We raise them with an awareness that their life matters and it has an affect on the world around them. With this simple understanding we have seen that, even at a young age, they think in a way that is bigger than themselves. Selfishness - one of the core problems with mankind - is not a natural way of thinking for them. It has become a foreign program that doesn't run naturally on their operating system. Selfishness is a virus that cannot grow in the inner culture of a "world changer".

So how did we start to cultivate this mindset in our kids? And perhaps more importantly for some, how do we begin to cultivate this mindset in ourselves? Well it's all pretty simple really. Yes - we carry a culture in our home that is conscious of generosity towards others, kindness, and loving well... BUT where we started to see it really take root was when we began saying one little statement to them at night as we put them to bed. We began to say, "You are a part of a team that is changing the world."

That simple little statement planted a seed in them that has caused them to think of AWESOME questions. They began to ask "How do we change the world?" My oldest daughter first asked this at the age of 5 because she started to realise that this was her job. This was the team that she belonged too. So now she needed to know how to do the job that was hers to do.

So I told her, "You know how we change the world baby girl? We love people really well. Every time we love someone well it makes earth look a little more like heaven - which means you just changed the world!" That seemed to make a lot of sense to her.

She started saying this simple little statement with me every night. I wasn't sure if it was sinking in or not until one day she said back to us "Hey wanna know how I changed the world today?" Slightly taken back we said, "Yeah definitely!" She went on to tell us how she had loved her friend well at school that day when she was sad and how she had loved her sister and brother well too. I couldn't imagine a prouder moment! But what really blessed me as her Father was to see that she was so proud of herself. She knew she had just achieved what she was born to do - love people well. She got to experience that awesome feeling of what it is to change the world!

So my conclusion to the question of "How do we change the world" is much the same as the answer to the question of "How do you eat an elephant? - One bite at a time..." Well it might have a slightly less cannibalistic answer but I had that saying in my head and wanted to use it... haha.

We change the world by loving one person at a time. Love each person who comes across your path today. Love them well, and you have just made earth look a little more like heaven!

You are a world changer and you are part of a team that is changing the world! I pray that 2017 is the year you experience the full joy of what it is to participate in changing the world - making it look a little more like Heaven!