The Dreaded Song List...

Many times, as we have travelled around our home country and further afield, we have seen worship teams and churches that are singing songs which often contradict the vision and values of the culture they are trying to build. Whether we like it or not, the reality is, songs indoctrinate people. Songs create and re-establish belief systems within people. So as song leaders and song writers we need to be intentional about the songs we are singing and writing. 

We often come across churches who have such a passion for His presence and to see His goodness released through miracles and encounters - yet the songs they choose to sing are not lining up with this goal, and at times, are even working against it. 

Songs set atmosphere and create pathways for us to walk down. They pave the road into our destiny and prophetic purpose. We often get asked by music leaders, and churches how we pick songs etc. Asides from being scripturally true, for us it comes down to these three things:

1 - Do we believe it?

It is important that we sing songs from revelation not just information. Sing songs that you can put your whole heart into. Passion is important. 

2 - Does it lead where we want to go?

Is it in line with your vision and your dream for the culture you are establishing.

3 - Do we like it?

There is no point singing a song you do not enjoy yourself. As our friend Dan McCollam says, "If joy is the atmosphere of heaven, then enjoyment releases the realities of heaven." Enjoyment is a powerful Kingdom tool. 

We often recommend that churches have a list of around 20 songs that they pick from each week. The goal is to keep that list of 20 fresh and in-line with where you are heading by regularly assessing which songs need to be added and which songs need to be switched out.

So with that in mind we have put together a short list of 20 songs that can help create an atmosphere of His manifest presence, goodness, love, and power. 

This is just a few of the many great songs that are around these days which we have enjoyed using ourselves and have found to be a great investment into our culture and atmosphere. We’d love to hear the songs that you like to use, tell us in the comments! 

Follow our playlist with all the songs, right here on Spotify:

In no particular order:

Great Are You Lord - All Sons and Daughters

This City - Josh and Amberley Klinkenberg

As We Sing your Praise - Josh and Amberley Klinkenberg

O Praise the Name - Hillsong

Good Good Father - Chris Tomlin

Holy Spirit - Bryan & Katie Torwalt

No Longer Slaves - Bethel Music

Just Wanna Love On You - Josh and Amberley Klinkenberg

My Deliverer - Phil Houghton

1000 Horizons - Phil Houghton

King Of My Heart - Sarah and John Mark McMillan

Have it All - Bethel Music

Pieces - Bethel Music

Jesus We Love You - Paul McClure

Ever Be - Kalley Heiligenthal

Miracles - Chris Quilala

Hallelujah - Josh and Amberley Klinkenberg

When You Walk into the Room - Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Reckless Love - Cory Asbury

Yes and Amen - Housefires