Our Mid-Winter sale means you get 20% off our already FREAKISHLY low recording rate!

Instead of $1500 We have dropped it even lower For seven days only!

You can record your song for
only $1200 +gst

keep a close eye on the countdown clock at the top of this page - as soon as it hits zero the sale is over!


As part of our mid-winter sale, when you sign up you also get our Worship Songwriting course completely FREE!!!

PLUS, you'll also get a couple of free CD's in the mail - We'll send you "flood Me" and "Let Joy be the Sound" as soon as you sign up and we'll even cover the shipping!

so click the button below and SIGN UP today!



  • When I sign up to record with you guys, how long do I have before I need to record my song?

Those who sign up with this Mid Winter Sale will need to book a recording time with us before December 14th 2018. This simply means you will need to have your demo track sent into us by early December at the latest. 

  • What if I want to record more than one song?

We can totally do that for you too! We are happy to give you a personalised quote on any amount of songs that you would like to record. 

  • Can I purchase this deal for a friend or for my church?

Yes absolutely! 

  • Does it matter if I don't play an instrument? 

No not at all. Check out Josh's video above to hear more. 

  • I don't have a song written yet...

Not a problem! As a bonus we are throwing in our Worship Songwriters Course completely FREE! This course will give you all the tools you need to write an amazing song. And we will be right there with you to help and offer any assistance that you need too.

  • What about royalties… If you guys play on my song do I still own it?

Yes, you still fully own your song. Performance and songwriting royalties of a song are somewhat complex and we can chat more about that if you would like to but when it comes to ownership, that’s all you! 

  • What if I don’t live in the same city or country as you?

Most of the artists we record are from other cities and countries. Our revolutionary new system and todays technology allows us to work with artists from literally anywhere in the world!

  • Do you use real musicians or machines?

We absolutely use real musicians!

  • If I play an instrument, can I play that part on my song?



Take an in-depth look at the process an artist goes through when they record with us here at InFlame Studios...