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Every move of God throughout history has had its own sound. John Wesley had his brother Charles, who wrote more than 6000 hymns. Dwight Moody had “The Sweet Singer of Methodism” in the voice of Ira Sankey. Azusa Street had the spontaneous spiritual songs and the sound of tongues. The Welsh Revival had the bold singing of the coal miners, that flooded out from every house, church and street corner. The Jesus People had their sound, the Charismatic Renewal has had its sound, and the significant moves of God that are impacting the globe today have their unique sound.

What we often don’t realise is that this reality - that every move of God has its own sound - is also true of what God is doing locally in our very midst. What God is doing in your life and in the life of your church has a unique sound. History teaches us that when we put that sound into songs and release them for our churches to sing, it brings incredible acceleration, depth and longevity to what God is doing.

One of our dreams is to see every church in our own country - New Zealand - writing and singing their own songs. In order to partner with God's heart for songs to be written and released, we have created an incredible way for you to capture and release the sound of God's movement in your midst.

Taking advantage of this new opportunity means you, your church or your band will write, record, and release three songs that are written out of the sound of the “God movements” in and around you! 

Let me show you how it works…


Get Your Creative Life “In Shape!”

Our Songwriting and Recording Bootcamp is the quickest way to get your creative life in shape. In one month you can have three songs written, recorded, and released!



You and anyone on your team or band, will be given access to our online songwriting course. The curriculum in this course has helped songwriters around the world write songs that have had a massive impact on their cities and nations. Our India band, for example, put these principles into practice and began writing songs that took them from leading 40 people at a home church to 400,000 people in a single gathering!!! The exact same principles that they and so many others have used are included in this online course. 


You and your team will have three live, in-person, online songwriting coaching sessions with me (Josh Klinkenberg) and our team, over three consecutive weeks. These sessions are incredible. We have seen people write the most amazing songs as a result of these online coaching sessions. It’s in these sessions that we will give you songwriting assignments, feedback, ideas for rewriting, and personalised keys. And by the end of these three coaching sessions you will have written three strong songs that are ready to record! 


Now the pre-production and recording work starts. After you have completed your three coaching sessions, we then begin working with you and our expert musicians to create and record your three songs. We get your songs to a point where they are ready for vocals - which is where we bring you and your singers in to finish the tracking process. Once your vocals are recorded, we have your songs mixed and mastered to a radio-ready, professional level! If you’re unfamiliar with our unique, one-of-a-kind recording process, check out our studio page for a details outline of the process.

From start to finish, this entire process can be completed in one month!* Thus our 30 Day Songwriting and Recording Bootcamp!

What makes this even more powerful is that we only schedule one Bootcamp per month - which means, you get our complete attention and focus and we are able to fully invest ourselves into your project… You are a one of a kind partner that we give our full attention, skillset, and resources to.

This entire package would usually cost well over $10k. Our online course, live coaching, hiring the studio, professional musicians, producer, songwriting experts, mixing engineer and mastering, all adds up real quick!!! But as always, our goal is to make recording accessible for everyone.

Online Songwriting Course $97
Live Songwriting Coaching Sessions $2997
Studio Hire $1800
Producer $1000
Musicians $3000
Mixing of 3 songs $1500
Mastering of 3 songs $400
Our Marketing and Distribution System with templates $400

Conservatively Totalling $11,194.00

And I’m not even going to include extras like travel, hotels, and food for your musicians, producer, and anyone else involved!!! All of which are expenses you don’t have to worry about when you record with us.

What would usually cost you well over $10k we can now make available to you for a fraction of the price.

Our Songwriting & Recording Bootcamp, including our online songwriting course, 3 live songwriting coaching sessions, and the full production, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering of 3 of your songs is only $5990 (including GST) 

but wait just a sec…

to celebrate the launch of our BootCamp we have made it an even better deal!!!

We are dropping our already crazy deal by $1000!!!

That’s right, you save one thousand dollars just because we love to party and will find any reason to celebrate.

This means that, for a limited time, you and/or your church can get the "Songwriting and Recording Boot Camp" for

ONLY $4990!!! 

Remember, this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. And even though our standard pricing is still ridiculously good, you don’t want to have to pay an extra thousand dollars if you don’t have too! So let’s get you signed up and scheduled in for your Songwriting and Recording Bootcamp today - the move of God in your life has a sound, let’s give that sound a song and make it heard! 

Schedule your bootcamp now and get the spot that you want!

We work on a first-in-first-served bases when scheduling our bootcamps. So even if you would like to wait and do a bootcamp in several months time, it is best to book now and reserve your spot. We will be booking up to a year in advance so get your month locked in today!


Payment schedule:
25% deposit upfront to book your spot
25% due on scheduled start date of your project
25% due when songs are ready for vocals
25% due upon completion of project

* 30 Day timeframe is dependent on your availability for vocal tracking. In many cases vocalists book their vocal tracking session outside of the initial 1 month period which is absolutely fine.

Here’s what others are saying

John Arnold and Kat Wassenaar are two artists we have worked with over the last few years. John is based in Australia and had a dream to record and release six songs. We were stoked to be able to partner with him to see his dream become a reality. Have a listen to John as he shares about his experience working with us.

Kat Wassenaar is a kiwi singer songwriter who has recorded 3 singles with us at different times over the last 2 years. Her songs have been played around the world as a result. You can also check out the “before and after” section on our studio page to see how we took Kat’s first song from a rough demo idea recorded on a smartphone, to a polished professional radio-ready song, that is now played on radio stations around the world!

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Who are we?

When you’re going on the journey with someone to write and record your songs, you want to be sure that they know what they are doing.

My wife Amberley and I are passionate about songwriting and recording. We met at music school and have been involved in the music and creative arts world ever since. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the worlds leading producers, musicians, singers, and songwriters. This has added to our skill set and is knowledge that we now put into every artist, church, and band that we work with.

On top of the dozens of artists we have produced, recorded, and released, we have also personally written and released two of our own albums. In 2017 our album “Flood Me” hit number #1 on iTunes and was nomination for worship album of the year. (The pic is of us on the red carpet… Sorry to our friends who we cut out of the photo!!! haha)

While we love having our own songs played in churches, on radio stations and Spotify playlists around the world, we have really loved seeing the artists we produce have their songs played around the world in churches, on radio stations, covered by news stations and newspapers, and even go viral on social media.

We have travelled extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, America, Fiji, Malaysia and Singapore training songwriters and working with churches to see their songs written and recorded in an authentic way.