Flood me



Flood Me is a 14 song worship album written, recorded, and produced by Josh and Amberley Klinkenberg. In an effort to capture and communicate their own authentic sound Josh played every instrument on the album and sampled the synths and electronics himself also. 

Flood Me encapsulates a two fold vision and mandate within it;

Firstly, that it would bring the listener into an encounter with the Father of all. That we would each have a fresh filling and awareness of His love. That we truely would be flooded with the presence of God. 

And secondly, in that flooding of love, that we would capture a fresh vision for our cities, regions, and nations. That our cities and nations would be flooded with His presence!

"Many of these songs were written out of an encounter we had with the Lord where He showed us cities and nations and asked us "what do you see?" As we struggled to answer His question He began to tell us what He saw. He began to speak of beautiful, awe-filled, amazing things. As He spoke we realised He could clearly see something we couldn't. And then He spoke a phrase that pierced us to our heart, He said, "What ever you can see, you can have! So dream!" From that moment on we have had a desire to see vision fill the church again. That she would have a beautiful, awe-filled dream for each city and nation on the planet!"
- Josh Klinkenberg

Recorded at InFlame Studios
Released by InFlame Music
Produced by Josh Klinkenberg
Instruments played by Josh Klinkenberg
Vocals by Josh and Amberley Klinkenberg
Mixed by Jeremy Griffiths
Mastered by Jonathan Berlin