About InFlame Ministries


InFlame Ministries is based in Tauranga, New Zealand, and is founded and directed by Josh and Amberley Klinkenberg.

InFlame began, almost by accident, in 2010 when Josh and Amberley were in prayer together and felt a deep stirring to create a training ground for New Zealand worshippers who - up until that time - had to leave the country to be trained and equipped in prophetic worship. InFlame began with a passion and desire to see the indigenous sounds and songs of our land and other nations welcomed and valued in the Kingdom. 

Today InFlame has trained over 1000 worshippers nationally, has international students, and is made up of many facets including events, online training, publishing house, record label, and a studio. 
From its humble beginnings on a small island off the coast of New Zealand, the dream that InFlame burns with is simple - to see the body of Christ rise into maturity, unity, and fullness. Our heart is to serve and strengthen connection with the Father - both in the church and outside of it. 

InFlame is most well known for its worship schools. InFlame Worship School is a training ground where musicians, songwriters, singers, dancers, and painters can come and be trained in the supernatural power and purpose of their gifting. We have held annual schools since our first in 2010 and have hosted worshippers from New Zealand, Australia, USA, India, and the Pacific Islands. 

Josh and Amberley Klinkenberg are the founding directors of InFlame Ministries. They live in Tauranga, NZ with their four children. It was after the birth of the first son Elijah that their lives were forever changed. Elijah was born with special needs and requires 24/7 medical care. It was in this place of complete brokenness and desperation that the Klinkenberg's encountered the Father as Healer. Because of this, they continue to see miracles and significant breakthrough where ever they go. You can read more about their story with Elijah in Josh's book "The Art of Healing."

Josh and Amberley never intended to be in ministry full time but after running their first three-month school in obedience to the word of the Lord they soon found themselves travelling and ministering full time to the body of Christ throughout New Zealand. It was when they partnered with Sounds of the Nations and Jesus Culture Music in 2013 that their ministry went from national to international. 

Josh and Amberley released an EP called "Our Love' with Jesus Culture Music in 2013 and continue to be Jesus Culture Music Artists. They are also partnered with Dan McCollam and Sounds of the Nations (SOTN) as SOTN New Zealand Directors. Today, they are Global Directors of Sounds of the Nations, serving nations into their destiny, identity and sound. SOTN exists to see the song of the Lord released in the sound of the people. 

Our Core Values


Passionately, creatively, faithfully and whole heartedly being loved by God, loving God and loving people.


Staying committed and connected to the Father. And from that, to people. 


Spirit, soul, and body worship. Continually stoking the “home fire” of our heart. 


Loving people and serving their connection with the Father. 


We value creative risk. We celebrate those who dare to believe and step out. We celebrate risk as much as results. 


We value the Holy Spirit - the fruits and gifts of the Spirit.
We value the Kingdom - the continual increase of “on earth as it is in heaven.”
We value Scripture - the study and meditation of the bible.
We value Faithfulness - continually strengthening connection with the Father even in the face of offence.
We value the Supernatural - the authority and power of Christ in us.
We value Prayer - participating in continual conversation with God.
We value Worship - the intentional and creative communication of our love.
We value Humility - Blessed are the humble for they shall inherit the earth.

We value Generosity - being blessed to be a blessing.
We value JoyPeace, and Righteousness - the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.
We value Community - investing into our connection with others and allowing others a voice into our lives.
We value Unity - the oneness we share in Christ in the midst of diversity. 
We value Freedom - it was for freedom that He set us free.
We value Purity - Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see God.
We value Experience - God is not a theory He is a person and is actively with us.

We value a fiery, passionate love with God that causes us to love people deeply and powerfully. A love that creates a culture where risk is not scary but is instead anticipated. A love that sets a culture where creativity flows into everything we do. We value the expression, experience, and expansion of the kingdom in all areas of life, in all spheres of society, and in all people groups and ethnicities.