November Studio Special
3 songs for only $3k

We take care of the tracking, producing, editing, mixing, and mastering of your song. All you have to do is send us your demo and we can sort the rest. Contact us today & book your recording time! 

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Book now and take advantage of our crazy special! Details below.

For the month of November ONLY we are giving you the opportunity to record 3 of your songs for ONLY $3000+gst!!! Whether you have been wanting to record a few of your own favourite songs, buy a friend a Christmas present, or track your church worship songs, now is the time to book it in!

How do you get in on this awesome deal you ask? It’s simple, all you have to do is click here or the button below, make one simple payment, and boom! Your ready to rock’n’roll!

Check out our F.A.Q’s section here for all the details and how recording with us works.

  • if you need a gst invoice generated or would rather pay via direct debit simply email us here

Check out some of the songs that have been produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered at InFlame Studios



Check out some “before and afters”

Case Study #1: God is Moving

Kat Wassenaar brought her song “God is Moving” to us as an acoustic demo. This song has a great message declaring the reality of God moving throughout our nation. We took this song to our songwriting team to help add emphasis to what we felt were some great moments throughout the song. Once we sent these ideas back to Kat, she was able to listen to them and gave the changes the go ahead. From there, we took the song to the studio and our producers worked their magic to bring the song to life. Check out the journey of Kats song below by listening to a clip of the original acoustic demo and the finished mastered song. 

"It was the best experience working with the guys from InFlame Studios - from start to finish they were exceptional, and I would highly recommend them."
- Kat Wassenaar

Check out Kats full song on iTunes and Spotify



We have revolutionised the recording process and have made world class recording accessible and affordable.

Recording a song at a professional standard is usually an incredibly expensive process. Studio hire, musicians, tracking, an engineer, producer, editing, mixing, and mastering are add up fast! It's not uncommon for an album to cost between $20,000 and $40,000!!! And that's a cheap price… At InFlame studios we realise that this just isn't realistic for many songwriters and we don't want money to be the thing that stops you from getting your song recorded and released at a world class, professional standard. We have revolutionised the way an artist can record their songs and because of this our pricing is incredibly low in comparison, and the best part is - it includes EVERYTHING! Everything from pre-production and pro-muso's through to editing, mixing, and mastering. We will even help with the songwriting of your song and will have our professional producers add their expertise to your project too! Check out our incredibly low pricing below.

So What's the Process?

We make it incredibly easy for songwriters to track their songs in a professional way. We have our musicians and producers get everything ready for you to add your vocals to the track so it doesn't even matter whether you play an instrument or not! 

Click on a step below to find out more

Step 1: Demo's

This is the initial step that kicks the project into life. We have you send through a demo of each song you would like to record with "production notes" that include references (songs that have a similar feel or idea to what your hearing), ideas, and thoughts about how you would like to hear with each song take shape.

Question; Do my demo's have to be recorded in a studio? Nope. In fact most of the demo tracks that are sent to us are recorded using a smartphone or tablet of some sort. All we need to be able to hear is the melody, lyrics, and backing instrument i.e. acoustic guitar or piano. An audio recording on your iPhone or Android is perfect.

Step 2: Pre-Production

Once you have sent us your demo's we have our songwriters listen through them and offer any ideas. As we mention in our Values section (see below), we believe in stewarding each song faithfully by shaping and moulding it into the best possible version of itself. For many songwriters this can be a hard part of the process BUT it is incredibly beneficial and is something we believe in. The feedback we provide on songs is in no way personal, it is simply to ensure your song has the best opportunity to achieve all that it is destined to. Our team will offer any ideas that help you get the best out of your songs.

Question; Do I have to use the ideas you offer? No, not at all. Ultimately it's your call and you can decide what you would like to do with your song.

Step 3: Production / Tracking / Editing

Next it's time for tracking. We take your songs and create an arrangement around them. Our producers bring your song to life by tracking in drums, bass, guitars, keys, strings, synths, pads, and samples. What ever your song needs to musically gets added right here. We will keep you in the loop with how your songs are sounding by sending you bounces of your tracks as they are nearing completion.

Question; Am I allowed to offer ideas to the producer and/or make changes? Absolutely! Not only will we get your thoughts off you, we keep you involved and will be asking you questions along the way ourselves.

Step 4: Vocals

Once we have it tracked and edited we are then ready for vocals. We'll have you or your choice of vocalist come on in and record the vocal tracks to your songs. These are fun, light hearted sessions that everyone enjoys.

Step 5: Mixing

After a final edit of your vocals its time for mixing. This is where we take each instrument in the song and mix it to the right sound and volume. We add effects, EQ's, layering, compression and range of other things that will make your song unique and professional. Once your song is mixed we will send it through to you for a listen. You are able to write up any mix changes you would like to make and send them through to us.

Question; Am I able to make changes to the mix? Yes! We allow for 3 rounds of alterations. We are really confident that we will nail your mix before then but we allow for those artists who like to try a couple options too.

Step 6: Mastering

This is the final stage in the production of your music. Mastering adds the final "shine" to your songs and ensures they are at industry standard levels ready for CD, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and any other music distribution platform you want to use.

InFlame Studio's Vision Statement

"Capturing the Song of Heaven in the Sound of the People"

Our mandate at InFlame Studios is to capture the song of heaven in the sound of the people. 
In doing so, we want to release songs that carry the heart-beat, message, and presence of heaven. 


We believe every song has the potential to be a great song. But potential is an invitation, not a destination. Potential invites us in to explore the adventure within! We believe in excellence in skill, anointing, and passion. Because of this;

  • We will always endeavour to make each song the best possible version of itself
  • We value the feedback and input of others
  • We value passion
  • We value excellence in both skill and anointing