Songs of Aotearoa: Volume One

Songs of Aotearoa is a project headed by Josh Klinkenberg and Craig Jones as apart of InFlame Worship School New Zealand.

There's nothing on earth like an indigenous, heart-derived, soul moving expression of love to God. That moment when a community of worshipers stumble upon a heavenly rhythm that moves them to a new dimension of faith. Fueled by an intimate encounter with Jesus, this musical journey sweeps people through sacred places - where God himself begins to show his children the secrets of his heart.

This place of faith - no matter how humble - is where God loves to rest. God; who's creation is so generously proportioned that it will take eternity to measure it's full dimension, is attracted to the most simple, genuine expression of faith. He is not put off by humble surroundings - he seems to love finding treasure in them!

Resting Place was recorded in a cosy community arts hall tucked away in Te Aroha. Over 20 artists and singers came together from all over the North Island to spend the weekend worshiping in the little town. Not so much a search for something new, Resting Place is a simple pursuit to find a genuine expression of faith that God placed in Aotearoa when he imagined it.